As the Director of The Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center, I welcome you.


Founded in 1970 and completely rebuilt in 2010, Temple Israel of Hollywood’s Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center is a bright, modern school in the heart of a warm, welcoming, diverse and supportive community. Each child’s unique style and pace of learning and developing is embraced and fostered by a focus on discovery, exploration, creativity, and a sense of wonder in a self-rewarding environment.

Children at The Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center develop active minds and strong communication strategies. They build lifelong social skills to work with and care for others, as well as the self-confidence to be independent. Families build deep connections as their children discover the values, seasons, rituals and richness of Jewish community life.

Dr. Sarah Klinger 
Director of The Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center